Data Analytics

Modern businesses rely on data driven decisions to better steer the enterprise, understand current situational state, and to architect the offerings of tomorrow. One of our primary practice areas, Data Analytics is a vertical developed to ease the data journey, providing expertise and functionality from ingestion to modeling regardless of scale, use cases, and mission. We focus on providing reliable, elastic, and agile data experiences, enabling you to stay focused on the “what?” and not the “how?”.


Data initiatives begin by setting the analytics architecture.

Modern data requirements feature disparate systems that provide huge varieties of data across multitudes of formats and in increasingly huge volumes.

By understanding the necessary systems, protocols, and technologies involved in creating and transporting data we can architect performant and reliable visibility pipelines to support today’s mission and future growth.

Optimization of the ingestion and transformation process through flexible handlers and streaming processing dramatically improves the time to query, providing a faster path to clean data for developing models and optimizing your business through applied intelligence.


Presentation of data represents the first step of many to accomplishing analytic goals.

Data initiatives originate from various teams across an organization, exist in several forms, and a single piece of data can provide insight to many different parties.

That concept multiplied across trillions of pieces of machine data dictates the need for scalable, flexible platforms that grow up and scale down based on business needs.

Leveraging the correct data platform provides a consistent experience that’s optimized for the crossroads of information insight and economical decision making.


Advancements in data availability provide volumes of data points that contain the insight needed to answer the “how’s”, “when’s”, and “why’s” of our analytical queries.

Alongside those queries comes a growing need to guarantee the integrity and safety of that information.

Leveraging flexible controls alongside modern data presentation functionality insures that data is only accessible to the teams that require it and that, even with large scale manipulation, the data stays available in both optimized and original states so one group’s work does not limit the next group’s path to success.