Whether you defend a Commercial enterprise, DOD agency, or charity, your mission is enabled and accelerated by technology. Maintaining compliance, architecting for security, and properly securing the enterprise are now more aligned by vertical than ever before. Strong security posture in the digital world requires aligning progressive technology with significant domain expertise.


As compute becomes increasingly distributed and users connect via multiple devices from both inside and outside of the network, organizations must transition to an identity-centric model. In a digital world, proper assessment and authentication of both users and machines becomes paramount when allowing controlled access to applications, data, systems, and capabilities.


Confidentiality and integrity of data sit as the core driver for all cybersecurity initiatives within an organization and most efforts originate from the mindset of protecting those critical assets. The past few years have seen a shift to increasingly dynamic environments. Spearheaded by the need for agility in enabling applications and customers alike, these agile methodologies lend complexity to data security.


Security has transitioned beyond concerns of confidentiality to that of integrity and availability. Events occur more frequently and with higher consequence than ever before. Increases in both alert volume and complexity must be met with automated responses that stitch together external intelligence, asset and user severity, and advanced analytics to accelerate triage, mitigation, and remediation.