Core Values

When you walk into an industry event, it’s easy to point out the Blackwood crew. We are the ones giving out hugs, high fives, having authentic conversations and enjoying the people that we serve. Are we professional – Yes. Do we intimately understand technology – Certainly. What really sets us apart is how we approach ‘work’ with a ‘get it done and have fun in the process’ mindset.

Blackwood folks are exceptionally talented at finding creative solutions to any problem. They understand how to reach milestones and are disciplined in approach. People choose to work with Blackwood because we get it done and do it right. Our entire team operates on the same core values:

Through these principles we have created a culture that maps directly to our mission statement…

mission statement

We are visionaries who align bleeding edge technology concepts with long term goals. We operate with complete Transparency and Integrity. We exercise controlled growth in a rapid growth industry so that we can possess the strengths of a big company while maintaining the leanness and agility of a small company.

Our vision is simple

Become the most respected Solution Architects in our market by consistently expanding the definition of partnership with our clients and technology partners.