Ryan Morris


Ryan Morris joined the company in 2008 and further developed Blackwood’s current focus on Cybersecurity and Data Analytics. He encouraged the organization to take a hyper focused approach to sales by focusing solely on companies positioned to radically outperform their competition. This meant identifying truly unique technology vendors at an early stage and ensuring their success in the field. Being discerning about partners and deliberate about the customers we solicited was the best way to guarantee contact with big problems and was key to further developing Blackwood’s reputation for solving particularly complex problems.  

Ryan received a B.S in marketing from Towson University where he graduated with honors before joining Blackwood as an Account Manager where he focused on seeding new territories for his first 5 years in the industry. As the team expanded he moved into a Federal Director role before spending 5 years as Sr. Director of Operations for the entire sales organization. In 2018 he became a managing partner in the business and currently serves as Owner and President. 

As President, Ryan is responsible for the overall vision and long-term direction of the company, in addition to overseeing all aspects of corporate operations. He believes that in order to drive radical innovation, Blackwood must have strong opinions about technology and justify our position through measured post-sale outcomes. Everyone in the organization must be bought into the mission and show up every day with a commitment to deliver in their area of responsibility. To support this mindset, his time is split between serving his team and interacting with industry. He plays a very active executive sponsorship role in many customer accounts, serves on advisory councils for many leading technology companies, and is very active in the industry as an invited participant, panelist, and speaker.